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Mazal to Deena and Scott Shulman (5764-65) on the birth of Yerachmiel Elimelech!

Mazal tov to Ora and Avi Lasko (5768) on the birth of Emily Gabrielle!

Mazal tov to Yael and Jon Green (5771) on their recent marriage!

Mazal tov to Dena and Eric Wimpheimer (5763) on their recent marriage!

Mazal tov to Jamie and Yisrael Katz (5769) on the birth of Chana Rivka!

Mazal tov to Jesse Nowlin (5769) on his engagement to Shani Greenspan!

Mazal tov to Tzvi Grosman (5769) on his engagement to Shayna Brenman!

Mazal tov to Yiriel Liss (5771) on his engagement to Leah Nunberg!

Mazal tov to Jillian and Aaron Hartman (5764) on their recent marriage!

Mazal tov to Ben Kalisch (5768-69) on his engagement to Serena Schwechter!

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Queens Shabbaton with Rav Boaz!
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