Frequently Asked Questions


Students will be living in our own yeshiva building, which serves as their home for the year. The yeshiva dorms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building, and are designed as mini-apartments. Each is equipped with kitchen, laundry facilities, multiple bathrooms and comfortable bedroom furnishings.

What are the size of the beds?

Regular twin size is 39". Our beds are slightly more narrow: 32 inches. The length is 75 inches.

Private Kitchen Facilities:

Each apartment is equipped with a large refrigerator for student use.

Shabbat and Yamim Tovim:

The yeshiva is open throughout the year including the long breaks of Bein Ha’Zmanim. Meals are provided every Shabbat.

Are guests allowed on Shabbat and Yamim Tovim:

Guests are welcome for most Shabbatot. The yeshiva is your home for the year. Just as you invite guests to your home, so too we want you to invite guests to your home in the yeshiva. (There are a few times in the year when, due to space considerations, you will not be allowed to have guests. We will give you plenty of advance notice about these times.)

Security Arrangements:

The yeshiva maintains contact with the army and local police, are kept up-to-date about the latest security situation. The yeshiva building can only be accessed via a biometric fingerprint-ID system (not on Shabbat.) Travel limitations may be implemented if deemed necessary. We respect the limitations that parents place upon their children to not visit certain areas of the country. Hitchhiking is strictly forbidden by the yeshiva!


The yeshiva employs a number of madrichim who live in the apartments with the students. They are an invaluable source of guidance and inspiration. We will have a minimum of four madrichim for the 2017-2018 school year.

Free Time:

The students have time to go to Jerusalem on a number of occassions. Night Seder on Tuesday ends early, allowing ample time for the students to play basketball or use the gym on the Lev HaTorah Campus, go to Jerusalem for dinner and to meet friends, or just to hang out. Saturday nights are also free nights, although the yeshiva does host a Melave Malka every Saturday night at the home of one of the local Rebbeim. On Fridays, the students are free to leave after Shacharit. During the time that yeshiva is in session (not including Bein Ha’zmanim) all boys are required to sleep in the dorms. This includes Saturday nights.


Students are encouraged to keep spare cash, plane tickets and passports in the safe located in the office. They have access to the safe once or twice daily.

They may also keep cash and other valuables in the safe located within each apartment, for which there is continuous access. Additionally, each student may rent a personal safe in his bedroom for NIS 125 a year.

Family Visitations:

We encourage parents to visit their sons during their year in yeshiva, especially during the "Bein Ha'zman" days designated in the yeshiva calendar. Parents who plan to visit their son while the yeshiva is in session are requested that they take their son out of the yeshiva for a minimal amount of time. Our years of experience have shown that taking a student out of the yeshiva environment for a longer period impacts negatively on his overall experience.

Before your visit we request that each parent send an e-mail to the Yeshiva and Rav Mo, with your dates and contact info in Israel. Please also inform us if and when you plan to visit the Yeshiva. Visiting Yeshiva is encouraged and appreciated. Please also see: Family Visits

Where is the yeshiva's address? Where do I send mail to my son?

The mailing address of the yeshiva is: Yeshivat Lev HaTorah, Nachal Ein Gedi 37, Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph, Israel 99000. Please mail letters directly to the yeshiva and we will distribute them to the students.

If you want to send packages to your son, our experience is that the best (and cheapest) way is to send it with friends/family who will then deliver directly to your son. If you want to send a package by the mail, please make sure to pay to have a tracking number, which can be used to locate the package in the event that it gets lost. Please note that the Israeli Postal system sometimes attaches higher- than-expected customs taxes on packages.

We also have an office in the US. If you need to mail a tuition check to our US office, the address is:  American Friends of Yeshivat Lev HaTorah, c/o Mrs. Beth White, 65 Argyll Avenue, New Rochelle, 10804.


For the 2017-18 year, the Yeshiva will be learning Masechet Kiddushin in Morning Shiur, beginning with the Mishna on Daf 29 (after the Chagim). We will be learning Masechet Brachot in Night Shiur. (Please note that students may opt for a non-Gemara option at night.) You may choose to bring an Artscroll with you. They are cheaper to purchase in the US/Canada than here in Israel. In addition, each student should bring an Artscroll Chumash & Rashi (or Mikraot Gedolot) in order to do the mitzvah of “Shtayim Mikra v’Echad Targum”. We also strongly recommend bringing: 

  • • 1 Siddur (weekday/Shabbat)
  • • 1 set of Machzorim for Yamim Noraim [Artscroll or Metsuda recommended]

Sefarim will be offered for sale at the Yeshiva on the first day of orientation. Periodically, a local sefarim seller will come to the Yeshiva as well.


The yeshiva provides locked storage space for large suitcases.  We also provide a large cabinet that is divided between shelving space and hanging space, and is sufficient for all clothing.  The yeshiva does not provide hangars, but there are typically hangars that are left over from previous years which can be used.  Alternatively, you can purchase them inexpensively here.


Please Note: DO NOT to bring electrical appliances with 110 voltage. Travel converters are generally not reliable for long periods of time and can cause electrical shorts.  These appliances can be purchased here in Israel.


We accept mature and motivated young men who want to come and make the most of their year in Israel.
We therefore expect our talmidim to behave as Bnei Torah. Moreover, we treat our talmidim as young men who are capable of making responsible decisions.

However, there are certain behaviors which will not be tolerated in the yeshiva:

  1. Each talmid (and his parents) signs a Declaration form that he will not be involved in the drinking of alcohol, the consumption of drugs of any form, or the smoking of cigarettes. A violation of this can lead to serious consequences.
  2. Unfortunately, with the increasing popularity of internet gambling sites and poker games, incidents in which yeshiva students are involved in gambling has also increased. Gambling of any form in our yeshiva is not permitted under any circumstances.