Visa Information

Each student who enters the country automatically receives a B-1 Visa.  It is good for 3 months.  In order to remain for the entire year however, you will need to get a Student Visa.  This Student Visa is actually valid for 2 years.  The yeshiva will handle the Student Visa application process here in Israel, at the beginning of the year. 

Do NOT spend your time or money applying for a Student Visa in the US/Canada. 

In order to obtain a Student Visa , the following information is required: Both parents’ birthdates and mother’s maiden name. Please email this information to   Mrs. before your arrival in Yeshiva.

All visas are multiple-entry, and good for 2 years.

Israeli citizens are not eligible for a Student Visa. Rather, you will be required to get an Israeli passport.

If you have one or both parents who are Israeli citizens, you also will be considered to be an Israeli citizen, and will be required to get an Israeli passport.

To obtain an Israeli Passport, you will need:

1)     Original Birth certificate

2)     250 shekels

3)     2 passport pictures