Krav Maga Course

The Yeshiva offers a KRAV MAGA program once a week during the afternoon break.  The KRAV MAGA program will be led by a professional ICCS licensed instructor, who is the head of KRAV MAGA training in the Yehuda and Shomron Region. 
The Program covers:

 -Basic Self Defense

 -Full work out and stamina building

 -Military training

 -Boxing, and general self defense

 -Multiple Opponents

-Knife Defense

 -Special ending with Dry Shooting training 

The program includes:
 - 20 full KRAV MAGA training Sessions
 - An official ICCS Krav Maga dry shirt
 - a Mouth Guard
All additional equipment needed will be provided by the instructor.  The cost of this program (subsidized by Yeshiva) is $480. For
those who sign up before June 30th, the cost is $420
For further questions about the KRAV MAGA program please contact Rav Mo,