Cell phones

Dear Parents and Students,  


We will be using TalknSave (TNS) as our exclusive provider for the coming year.


All students are advised to get a TalknSave plan. Besides the fact that they provide an excellent plan & customer service (in English) as well as spare phones, each student must have the TNS uniform texting service so that we will be able to reach him immediately in the event of a security situation or other important message that the entire yeshiva will receive. In the event you choose a different provider each student will be charged $5 per month to be added to this service.


Please click this link http://talknsave.net/linkpage.aspx?plink=lht to go to TalknSave's website with an order form with rates that competes with current plans available on the market for Israelis. The Yeshiva is aware that there are cell phone providers who offer lower monthly rates.However, our experience has been that the extra cost savings was not worth the hassle of phone reception issues, hidden fees and a general lack of customer service.


Please note, the Yeshiva's policy requires all smartphones use a filter for internet use. TNS will be providing this service free of charge. The service is not available for BlackBerrys and we therefore advise students NOT to being them. We urge students not to bring devices that are not under the TalknSave data plan. Any student who does not use TNS as their cell phone provider will be required to have a filter on their smartphone. The Yeshiva does not want students to access 'free' wifi points of neighbors who have not locked their systems. It is also a major disruption for their year here in Yeshiva.


Please direct any questions about the TNS plan to them directly. For the Yeshiva, Mr. Ephrayim Naiman (ejnaiman@levhatorah.org) will handle any questions or concerns you might have.


Phones will be distributed to each student on the day he arrives in Israel. Please complete your order well before their arrival so that there are will be no issues with



Thank you & Kol Tuv –


Rav Daniel Hartstein

Yeshivat Lev HaTorah