Shana Bet Registration

We are thrilled to have your son join us next year for Shana Bet! 

In order to fully registed, please follow the steps below:

  1.  Fill out the Registration Form below.

  2. Pay the registration fee of $1,000  by clicking here. Please make sure to fill out the payment description section as "Shana Bet Registration Fee"

  3.   Please sign the Shana Bet Declaration and send it to Adina Bloomberg.

  4. The Yeshiva will be using FACTS for all US students. The system requires each parent to pay a $45 registration fee for the year. If you used FACTS for Shana Alef, we can roll over your account.  Credit cards can be used but a fee is incurred to the parent. If you have questions regarding FACTS, please contact Adina at 

  5. For scholarship requests, please complete our Scholarship Request Form.