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Mazal tov to Michael Adler (5766) on his engagement to Neema Fishman!

Mazal tov to Sarah and Adam Frieberg (5765-66) on the birth of Chana Meira!

Mazal tov to and Orit and Eric Wittenberg 5764-65) on the birth of Binyamin!

Mazal tov to Ruthie and Tani Pollak (5771) their wedding this coming Sunday.

Mazal tov to Alison and Matan Gutwacks (5764-65) on the birth of Azriel Chen.

Mazal tov to Elisheva and Gavi Zeitlin (5765-66) on the birth of Tehilla Tova!

Mazal tov to Chaya and Avi Bromberg ( 5770) on their recent wedding!

Mazal tov to Rachel and Daniel Wiener (5766) on the birth of Sadie Noa!

Mazal tov to Josh Zucker (5768-69) on his engagement to Malkie Zoldan!

Mazal Tov to Noelle and Yitzi Feigenbaum (5765) on the birth of Shmuel Ilan!

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