Poland Trip




We were thrilled to welcome Michael Berl, the founder and director of Heritage tours to the Yeshiva. Heritage will be running our annual trip to Poland which will take place after Pesach. We are excited to work with Heritage again as they bring much professionalism and experience to our journey.

The trip is scheduled for April 7-April 11.


We have worked with Heritage to build an itinerary made for an unforgettable experience. Please note, parents are more than welcome to join us for this life changing experience. It is also important to note that when planning flights for Pesach, anyone interested in participating on the Poland trip will need to be in Israel for the Shabbat of April 6. For any questions regarding  the trip, please feel free to contact Rabbi Natanel Lebowitz who can be reached at bringmashiach@gmail.com. Looking forward to an unbelievable experience. 

K'siva Vachasima Tova!! 
For more info on heritage please visit http://www.heritageseminars.org/